Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Deli-Style Rye

What I am eating: Triscuit Deli-Style Rye
What they taste like: Triscuits with caraway seeds
Why the name doesn’t make sense: Delis aren’t known for selling crackers

Also, I have a confession. My love of crackers didn’t start out as a pure love. It began as a backlash against bread. You see, I also love bread, but bread goes bad quickly, and I am paranoid about mold. I would buy a loaf of bread, eat half of it, and then throw the other half away because I was afraid it had some invisible mold that would kill me. I tried putting the bread in the freezer, but then I had to toast it before I ate it and what if I wanted untoasted bread? I would end up with ancient, half-eaten loaves of bread in my freezer and guilt in my heart. (In addition to being paranoid about mold, I also feel intensely guilty about waste. It’s a tough place to be.) So I started buying crackers instead of bread! And I lived happily ever after.

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DC Food Blog said...

You could always cut up the old bread and use it to stuff a zucchini or any other kind of squash. But the true frustration is with good artisinal bread that goes stale in like a milisecond.