Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow Flowers

I went to Eden Center (a Vietnamese shopping center in Falls Church, VA) with my friends the famous dcfood bloggers .They wanted to pick up some staples at the Vietnamese grocery store, and I wanted to find exotic crackers. I picked up two kinds.

Katashima brand “Snow Flower” crackers: These are kind of like rice cakes, but they are made with tapioca starch. Actually, you know what they’re really like? Have you ever had shrimp crackers? They have the consistency of shrimp crackers, but they taste faintly of coconut instead of shrimp. They have a sprinkle of sugar frosting on the top--I think that’s why they’re called snow flowers. Now that I’ve totally confused you with that description, I’ll add that I like them. They are just a tiny bit sweet, so they’re good if you want a sweet snack without too many calories. Actually, I have no idea how many calories they have, but they seem to be made mostly of air, so how many calories can they have?

Green Onion Thin Cracker: These are made by Silang. They are, as the name implies, thin crackers. They taste mostly like oil with a chemical aftertaste. So, not very tasty.

I went to a baby shower yesterday, and I was telling the father-to-be about my blog. He had the brilliant idea that I should match crackers to books--what kind of cracker would I associate with a particular book? And vice versa. So, here goes. The snowflower crackers are like Bridget Jones Diary--light, fun, but not particularly nutritious. The green onion crackers are like The Perks of Being a Wallflower--should have been good, but left a bad taste in my mouth.

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ScorpionGirl said...

OK I just laughed out loud. I like that your writing style is just like your speaking style. And by the by, neither of those crackers would be right for *me*!