Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today’s cracker: Health Valley Organic Garlic Herb Cracker Stix.
This cracker has a pleasantly light texture, but it doesn’t taste like either garlic or herbs. It’s good with hummus. It has a bit of a chemical aftertaste, which is strange--it's supposed to be organic! Also, I didn't notice until I wrote this post that it had the word "stix" in the title. I find that disturbing.

Today’s book: Schulz and Peanuts.
I just finished this biography of Charles Shulz by David Michaelis. I thought it was well written and engaging, although a bit sad. Shulz seemed like a very closed-off, somewhat immature person. He seemed unable to feel or express love for his wife or his children. He also seemed to use his strip in passive-agressive ways, at times. For example, he used Snoopy as a mouthpiece to express his feeling for the woman he was having an affair with, even after he told his wife he would end the affair.


DC Food Blog said...

I spent an entire election debate reading Charles Schultz book. It's amazingly written and completely absorbing.

Wordgirl said...

I'll never look at snoopy quite the same way again


Oh I miss you and your humor.

How are you?